Remote Consultations

Remote Consultations

Ed Kirby Physio is changing to remote consultations.

The health and wellbeing of our patients is our priority and we want to treat you in the safest possible way.

We will assess, advise and support your recovery through remote consultations until further notice.

Our price structure has temporarily reduced to:

£30 for a 30 minute new patient remote consultation

£20 for a 20 minute follow-up remote consultation

Nb if your symptoms require urgent physical examination then we may still invite you into the clinic for further assessment.

To request a remote consultation please use one of the following contact methods:

01279 260 408 |

How Ed Kirby Physio Will Be Delivering Their Remote Consultations

Ed Kirby Physio will be using Zoom to do their remote consultations and please see below a step by step guide on how to use the platform.

If you would rather use another platform such as WhatsApp, FaceTime or the telephone that is fine but just let us know which one you prefer.

Step By Step Guide To Using Zoom

Step 1

Sign up for a free Zoom account from the following link:

Once you have created an account you can sign in and complete your profile.

Step 2

You can download the Zoom App on to any of your devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone)

Step 3

Sign in to either Zoom’s website or app and click on join a meeting and add the ID that has been given to you by Ed Kirby Physio.

You will need to unmute voice and video so you can interact with your consultant.